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Q1: Is the scholarship available only to students currently living in New Zealand or also to those who intend to study there?

A: As a rule we help students who are New Zealand citizens or permanent residents. Sometimes we make an exception if there is a benefit for the Polish community in New Zealand or the applicant can demonstrate a strong link between his studies and the two countries. For example one student from Poland received a grant towards the cost of publishing a book about a group of Polish children who came to New Zealand during World War II. He published this book as part of his final thesis at the end of his studies.

Q2: I received a scholarship from the Polish Charitable and Educational Trust last year. Can I apply again this year?

A: Yes, you can apply again. You can re-apply for the scholarship every year until you complete your studies, and, as long as you continue to fulfill the criteria, your application will be considered. However, you can only apply once a year in respect of the same course fees.

Q3: Is there an age limit for applying for the scholarship?

A: The age and gender of the applicant do not matter. What’s important is that the applicant needs to be enrolled at a New Zealand university, be a permanent resident of New Zealand who participates in the activities of the Polish community in this country, or contributes to promotion of Polish culture, language, history, etc. in New Zealand.

Q4: Can I apply for a scholarship to pay off my student loan accumulated during the 3 years of my studies?

A: No, you cannot. The Trust only considers applications for grants related to the current academic year. We do not help to repay debt accumulated over past years of studies.

Q5: Students of which departments are granted the scholarship most often?

A: The Trust considers applications from students regardless of what they are studying. Whether you are studying engineering, music or medicine you have the same chance for receiving support, as long as you fulfill all other selection criteria.

Q6: My great-great-grandfather was born in N.Z. of Polish parents. Can I apply for the scholarship?

A: On the basis of your ancestry, strictly speaking you are not eligible. The rules of the Trust specify that applicants are eligible to apply if at least one of their parents/ grandparents or great-grandparents was Polish.

Q7: I could not afford to study without the scholarship and I had no way of knowing if I was going to get it. Do you have any type of scholarship that you award in time to pay fees?

A: Normally we award scholarships to students who have already enrolled in a course and paid their fees, to avoid a situation where they change their mind after receiving money from us. In exceptional circumstances, if you are absolutely unable to pay for your fees or take a student loan, then as per clause 3.c in the application form, we could pay the money, should any be awarded to you, directly to the university at which you are enrolling.

Q8: Can a high school student apply for a scholarship to the Polish Charitable & Educational Trust?

A: We usually award the scholarship to university students. You would need to put up a very good case to receive the scholarship in high school.




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